Telehealth can be a convenient alternative to the more traditional face-to-face way of providing therapy services


Telehealth can be a convenient alternative to the more traditional face-to-face way of providing therapy services. It can help to remove many of the barriers currently experienced by clients such as distance and time.

The process of our Telehealth service is outlined below:

Initial Assessment:

  • Prior to the Initial assessment, you will be forwarded a Case History and any other necessary paperwork to complete.  The therapist will review your paperwork before the meeting, so that valuable face-to-face time can be used most effectively.
  • The initial on-screen assessment will be scheduled in with the parent/carer and the child present.
  • After the initial assessment, the therapist may require additional information and may request for you to video tape your child or they may wish to speak to your child kinder or school teacher.



  • For all children we will initially set goals together with the family and teachers.  Depending on a child’s age and insight into their difficulties they will be included as well.
  • Like in face to face therapy sessions, therapy for young children most often follows a parent training model. This is where we train parents and or teachers to do the therapy with their child at home or at school. Our role is to provide clear guidance and instructions.
  • For our school aged children, we ensure that the video session is full of activities that they can participate in, just like a face to face session.

International Clients

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Our books are currently closed to new referrals as we are at capacity and providing therapy to existing clients only.

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